Why cry?👎

Today I am free and I take a big part of that right now sit in the couch and check out on Youtube 🎬
Apropos of something, so I feel fotfarande a little dejected since yesterday.. have you thought of the dogs that bite/nafsar considered to be emotionally abusive and they are the dog that gets most of the dirt.. that rambo yesterday nibbled on a dog when he ran away and would sniff, which actually went well before I got up and grab he nibbled, he howled as soon as I took hold of the scruff of the neck.
Seemed like it went well, but the other dog owner just went without I got to know how they went with the dog.
The tears just flowed and my thoughts for about how bad math I am.
Can also say that those who feel rambo knows how cosy he is,but so low in rank and extremely unsure of himself. What do you do? How do you not lose a bit of steam?
It takes the juice out of me sometimes! 💣
Now I have to get something else to think about.


Postat av: Anonym

Hur gick det med den andra hunden

2016-07-21 @ 12:13:51

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